It is inarguable that the Jordan brand is desirable in all respects. Owning a pair of this remarkable brand can earn you a lot of attention and envy. All the same, it is not surprising that they are expensive, ranging from $150 to $100,000 and even more!  But, for the love of owing Jordan sneakers, sneakerheads put in a lot of efforts, saving up to buy the latest model or one of their choices. Yes, you might have been saving for a while now to get your hands on a pair. But, before you hurriedly buy expensive Jordans with all your savings, why not go for the cheaper models? Let me give you some reasons why you should cut your budget for cheap Jordan sneakers:

1.      Cheap doesn’t mean bad

You probably had the idea that all cheaper models of brands are fake or bad. It doesn’t work that way. You probably are buying less expensive because you are not purchasing the brand-new, first-grade model. While some cheap models are fairly used, some are from bonanzas and promos. Yes, some dealers are fraudulent and may give you bad products, but it doesn’t apply to cheap Jordans only. You might pay even more for a “first-grade” Jordan sneaker and still get a fake or yet nothing at all. It all depends on who you buy from, not what you buy.  

2.      Don’t break your bank

It is not advisable for you to rip your financial source apart to get expensive, first-grade Jordan sneakers. This factor applies the most for those who rely on savings and have no other/consistent source of income. If you feel like you need to buy a model of expensive Jordan, check for cheaper, second-hand options with high-grade quality in reliable websites/stores.

3.      Some models go out of trend

Popular brands like Jordan go in and out of style. If you are keeping up with fashion, you might want to secure the next Jordan fresh from the oven. However, keeping up with the trend is not advisable for someone who saves to buy. The Jordan Company is consistent, and so, while you are chasing a model before you buy and even wear it, another model might be out already. Then, the pairs you have on would be considered “out-of-trend”. Sometimes, it is better to settle for regulars than popular options.

4.      Create space for other things

Settling for cheap Jordan shoes will create space for different needs to come into your budget. If you have the opportunity to buy other stuff instead of pouring everything on a pair of shoes, seize such an opportunity. It will help you in the long run. Besides, you can also consider buying more than one pair of Jordan’s sneakers. For example, if one pair of first-grade costs around $250, and the cheaper rate is $150, you might have enough money to get another model of the same Jordan brand.  Buying more shoes is better; you will not overuse one pair since you have a few more to go round the week.

5.      Save more money for later

You don’t always have to spend everything you get. If you save for a while, you should make excellent plans for your savings. Most notably, if you are not working or you don’t have a consistent financial source, you should keep some “change” with jordans for sale, The remaining cash can help you out of emergencies or other savings in the future.

Why you should buy cheap Jordans

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